Thursday, January 24, 2019

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Gus talks about the NY State Abortion Bill signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Catholic who often professes his faith publicly. Many irate Catholics are calling for his bishop, Edward Scharfenberger, to publicly excommunicate him. Gus says that it's not that simple and reads an article, written a few years ago by canon lawyer Ed Peters who says canon law simply does not read that way. Gus mentions that public excommunications are rare and asks those calling for this what their motivation is? Is it out of a spirit of love and concern for the eternal soul of Andrew Cuomo or Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden or is it simply to embarrass them.

Later, Gus plays the full audio of Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann's interview  with Today Show host Savannah Guthrie yesterday. Sandmann's face has become a polarizing image in the nation after his "standoff" with Native American activist Nathan Phillips was captured and posted to YouTube and social media last Friday evening. A sad countless number of people, including members of the media and celebrities, endorsed physical violence, doxxing and even death on this 16-year-old boy over his smile and the fact that he was wearing a Make America Great Again cap. Though Guthrie's questions could be interpreted as leading, Sandmann's responses were thoughtful and mature. Several times, unprompted, he expressed his utmost respect for Nathan Phillips. Gus gives his thoughts on the interview and suggests that, no matter where you stand on the issue, anyone who publicly endorsed physical violence, doxxing and even death against a minor should be prosecuted and a precedent should be set discouraging this sort of behavior.

Also, Gus plays his interview with Abby Johnson at the March for Life. Abby is a former abortion clinic worker whose position on abortion changed when she watched a sonogram of an abortion where the child in the womb fought for its life. She's become a powerful voice in the pro-life movement and has a movie coming out about her life in March entitled Unplanned.


  • Don Abramo: January 28, 2019


    I’ve been listening to your show now for a couple of years and wanted to send you a note about your show and discussion about Cuomo and Cardinal Dolan.

    Ultimately, as you shared, the new law in NY is so disturbing on so many levels; it is unfathomable by anyone with a conscience.

    I also appreciate you playing the audio of Cardinal Dolan mentioning how these progressives would use excommunication as a “badge of honor.” I understand Cardinal Dolan’s thoughts and agree they might do that, but there is much more at stake if nothing is done:

    1. The level of scandal that is being perpetuated is beyond the pale. You and I, and all Catholics should rightly be very upset. Prayer is of utmost importance, but as part of the Church Militant, action is needed as well.

    2. To Cardinal Dolan’s response, even if what he says is true, it is irrelevant. Given the stakes and the level of scandal, the Church needs to act in this situation and excommunicate Cuomo. No action by the Church means they Church can be viewed as complicit in the actions of Cuomo as he wrongfully cites the Pope and his “faith.” It also means the scandal continues to perpetuate among Catholics and will ensnare other Catholics into the lie.

    Given where the Church is today with sexual abuse issues and other things that have not shone light on God’s house, action must be swiftly taken to make a stand for what is good, right and just in God’s eyes. Dithering by Church leadership is not acceptable, nor is not excommunicating Cuomo, or any other public figure who continues to spread scandal, besmirch, and otherwise lead others to grave sin.

    May God bless you and your family,

  • Andre Laplante: January 25, 2019

    Gus, I have been listening to Seize The Day anytime I am in the car and enjoy your conversations very much. It is a shame that I cannot hear you from home.

    Today I am very motivated to let anyone know how offended I am by the New York State Abortion Bail and know I understand the passion you displayed this morning during your program.

    Yes I think Gov. Cuomo should be excommunicated publicly, my motives are numerous, some political and some because I am ashamed to call myself Catholic as he does himself. I am not pure as the driven snow but I am steadfast against funding Planned Parenthood (60,000,000 abortions to their credit since 10 or more years) and they harvest the salable organs of the dead babies, reaping profits.
    And the live babies left to die following the abortions allowed under Cuomo’s Bill will also see the organs sold for profit.
    Gov. Cuomo is a socialist and unfortunately so is the majority of New Yorkers (as a Quebec Canadian I am shamed by our Robin Hood political policies which will dwindle with the extinction of the Haves). Liberalism is a mental illness – I am a fan of Michael Savage – his latest book is very enriching (God, Faith and Reason).
    I hear you mention the emails you receives your address available?
    Best regards,
    André Laplante

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