Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Today is Earth Day and Pope Francis will be speaking at President Joe Biden's "Leaders Summit on Climate," an online climate summit, where many world leaders are scheduled to speak. Since the onset of his pontificate, taking care of the environment and climate change has been important to Pope Francis. Gus asks listeners if the Vatican is focusing on climate issues too litte, too much or just right?

Later, Gus continues his focus on the Eucharist, in this week of the Bread of Life Discourse in the daily readings, by talking with freelance Catholic writer/blogger Jeanette Williams who wrote a piece recently for Ascension Press on Eucharistic miracles.

And, finally, Dr. Edward Sri, co-founder of FOCUS, calls in to talk about a new book he's put out written with his FOCUS co-founder Curtis Martin called  "Foundations for Discipleship." Dr. Sri also talks about the mission of FOCUS, especially in today's culture of none's and disbelievers.

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  • Stephen: April 23, 2021

    Dear Gus,
    thanks again for all you do to encourage and uplift others in the Holy Faith! Encouragement and uplifting go hand-in-hand to lighten the heart in dark times.
    Several years ago, I came across the amazing story of OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS. The first apparition was Feb. 2, 1594. (Candlemas) The apparitions have been approved by the Church for hundreds of years. Few know about the events.
    The apparitions came to Venerable Mother Mariana of Jesus. The statue of Mary and Jesus was started by a human and finished by the Archangels.
    Our Lady of Good Success is for our times. I encourage everyone to research this story of Our Lady under this title.

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