Monday, October 30, 2023

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Alec Torres calls in to the program to talk about the new book he co-authored with Joshua Charles, entitled "Persecuted from Within: How the Saints Endured Crises in the Church." Alec and Joshua are both converts to the faith and were both involved in politics as speechwriters; in Alec's case, it was for former President Donald Trump and former Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. He says the inspiration was seeing the soft persecution of Catholics today, in some cases by its hierarchy, and studying how it measures up to history and discovered that, throughout its nearly 2,000 year history, the Catholic Church has always faced persecution not only from outside influences but also from within. He shares several examples with Gus, dating back as early as the time of St. Athanasius in the fourth century.
Also, Gus kicks off the week on a much lighter note by inviting listeners to call in and share their best clean joke. He asks for religious jokes, dad jokes or whatever lighthearted joke they'd like to share. Later, he wraps up the show with a round of Tell Me Something Good.


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