Monday, May 21, 2018

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Catholic documentary filmmaker, Sean Bloomfield, calls in to talk about his latest project, "Where There is Darkness," which details the brutal murder of St. Augustine, Florida priest Fr. Rene Robert at the hands of Steven James Murray, a troubled young man to whom Fr. Robert had ministered through his prison ministry. Murray, who killed Fr. Robert in Georgia and stood trial there, was facing the death penalty but was spared by Fr. Robert from almost beyond the grave through a "Declaration of Life" which the priest had written in 1995. After his death, his secretary found it while going through his personal affects. Sean lays out the story and talks about the money needed to raise in order that the documentary gets the necessary funds for post-production and theatrical release. If you'd like to donate to the film project, click here.

Also, today is a new feast day in the life of the Church, the Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church. In her honor, Gus gives away Rosaries to listeners who call in and get on the air.

Later, Gus gives his take on the resignation submission by 34 Chilean bishops and follows that with a little Tell Me Something Good with listeners.

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  • Sue: May 23, 2018

    This is more than a comment, it’s a sincere thank YOU for your show and prayers. I contacted you for a prayer request probably 8 years ago when our daughter was diagnosed bipolar depressive – dual diagnosis with excessive and dangerous drug and alcohol use. I listened to your sirius radio show because it taught me, motivated me to keep my hope and faith, and helped me stay strong for the rest of my family who were losing their hope. We’re 8 years past that, a lot of tears and shock and trying to get treatment and human intervention. When I realized we’d tried everything humanly possible, and she chose to live on the streets drinking and doing drugs, I went to confession and confessed that I was handing our daughters total care over to the Lord and felt guilty that I wouldn’t try as hard, just support and pray for her. The funny thing is that was God’s planall along and I didn’t see it for almost 5 years. Since then, we’ve seen her stand on her own 2 feet, she’s managed to drop all but 2 meds, remains sober, and lives an independent and healthy life. Just wanted to let you know because I learned so much and your daily reminders helped me stay strong and believe that the Lord would help her when the rest of my family were lost. Sincere thanks and keep doing the work you do. It was a blessing and I will pray for you and yours. I can’t thank you enough for helping me look up! Sue

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