Monday, March 20, 2023

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Today is the Feast of St. Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin MaryGus explains that the feast actually is March 19th each year, but, because this year it fell on a Sunday, it gets transferred to the following day. Gus talks about some of the devotions that are out there to St. Joseph and how about he is in his life. Later, Gus talks about images of St. Joseph and how he's been portrayed down through the centuries. He invites listeners to call in and share what images they have of him and how they envision him.

Also, Gus is joined by Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker, who kicked the game-winning field to win Super Bowl LVII. He talks about life settling down after that moment, which included a spiritual retreat and the role his faith has played in his life, which, although born and raised Catholic, didn't start for him until he was a student athlete at Georgia Tech. He also talks about the picture of his brown scapular popping out during his game-winning kick and attending the Traditional Latin Mass.

And it's Monday so that means Gus does a round of Tell Me Something Good with listeners.

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  • Patti Mendoza: March 21, 2023

    Gus, I spoke with you this morning. Your 1st caller regarding the picture of St. Joseph and baby Jesus. We discussed the name of the artist. My husband & I clearly remember finding a name of an artist. We both believed it to be a German or Dutch name. However, the paperwork that came with the print that we ordered does state, just as Scooter mentioned, that the artist wanted to remain anonymous. I was delighted to have made it through to speak with you but just sorry that I didn’t get a chance to tell you what struck me about the painting since you didn’t want to “give away” anything to your listeners until more of them had a chance to see the painting. Initially both my husband and I were drawn to the painting because we could understand that a toddler would be playing near his parents. In this case, his father. It made the humanness of God so real to us seeing Jesus playing while his father worked. It was only as we looked closer at the print that we saw Jesus was playing with three nails and his shadow was in the shape of the cross. His Destiny. It touched my soul. I had to have a copy to hang in our home where we could see it everyday. Also loved the song, “Joseph’s Song” by Michael Card. I’ve put it on my favorites playlist on Amazon Alexa.

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