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Gus welcomes author Troy Guy into the Conversion Corner. Troy is the author of a new book entitled "Evangelical Catholic: A journey through the Biblical and historical evidence the led yet another evangelical Protestant to the Apostolic Church!"

Gus talks with listeners about the Sacrament of Confession and its availability at their respective parishes. Gus mentions that, in many parishes, confession is offered one day a week, typically on a Saturday, for about 45 minutes to an hour. He wonders if confession is offered so infrequently because there's no a lot of people going or is it that not a lot of people go so they offer it infrequently. He takes listener opinion.


  • Bruce Olean Olean: March 13, 2018

    I applaud this choice of topic. I also commend the positive and welcoming way the sacrament is presented. Recently our Thursday pm Scripture study and discussion group focused on this very topic: why does it appear that Reconciliation seems to be in the shadows? We reasoned much along the lines mentioned in the radiocast, especially the “chicken and egg” point of the few and sometimes inconvenient hours available or not for reception of the sacrament. We in the group are parents of grown children and we joking asked what was usually the busiest and most intensive day in the lives or our children and families, and often the answer was Saturday am and pm. One unplanned but natural strategy within the group was to request each member to visit the sacrament within a month and then to ask gently if each had done so. Positive reminders among peers seemed to help. One question I usually ask when this matter is raised, especially among fellow Catholics who attend mass regularly is: when was the last time you recall this sacrament being discussed, encouraged, explained, promoted, etc. from the Sunday pulpit? The answer almost always is: I don’t remember at all or a very long time ago. My point is why doesn’t Mother Church who is tasked with guiding and teaching us in and throughout our spiritual lives remind and prompt us in an encouraging and nurturing manner toward frequent, more frequent, or even occasional reception of reconciliation? If within a family certain virtues such as kindness, charity, service, good nutrition, education, fitness, punctuality, etc. are rarely or never a focus for growth or even a point of reminder, how would a member of the family value or even consider the practice of a particular virtue or practice? I have many more thoughts on this matter, but these are my more essential points. Please maintain your encouragement and teaching of the beautiful sacrament of Reconciliation.

  • don : March 12, 2018

    Please inform me where I go to follow the BLOG you reference. I m new to BLOGS .

    Thank you !

  • don : March 12, 2018

    Wow . I ve been waiting for something like a focus on CONFESSION ….how come so few ? After being away from the RCC for close to 4 decades two things hit me , big time, participation at Communion and Confession lines.
    Communion : an awe that I found myself alone in the pews , with almost ( 90% ) of the church going up to Receive . Confession: Equally amazed to see a handful of folks at Saturday Confession. Keep asking , what happened ? Are Catholics holier now than they were back in the 50s, 60s, into 70s ?
    My opinion it is NOT about convenient times Confession is offered .
    Speculating here : Could it have something to do with the “abuse scandals”, and a loss of trust in their priests ?
    Observation : 4 decades with our protestant brothers and sisters I actually witness greater sensitivity ( explained below ) to the sacredness of the Lords Supper than I have so far within the Church.
    For example : Bulletins in some of these protestant churches with this caveat ( paraphrased ) : We ask before you partake of the Lords Supper you be a Christian who has professed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and importantly we admonish you : Examine yourself , your life , your state regarding sin before partaking of this Table with us .

    WOW ! More Catholic sounding than I ve heard since returning to the RCC.

    I have also read in bulletins : This is the Lords Table not ours and it is an open table to all.

    Good for you sir for raising this important matter ! And thank you for praying for me and those like me who were separated from the Church ! If a change is going to happen re Confession and participation at the Mass than we NEED TO HEAR IT FROM THE TOP . God bless you ! I ll be praying for you and I ll do what I can at the local level , so pray for me !


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