Monday, January 7, 2019

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Today Gus talked about a new effort by Planned Parenthood to de-stigmatize abortion through a billboard campaign in Iowa. You can read about it here.

As every Monday, Gus engages in "Tell Me Something Good." And, in the spirit of the old expression "You learn something new every day," Gus does a segment called "Tell Me Something New," asking listeners for something new they have recently learned.


  • Don Abramo: January 28, 2019

    Absolutely disgusting! I can’t believe my eyes, but then again, the devil will stop at nothing to lead people down the road to perdition. Praying for healing for our nation and for those perpetuating scandal to be see the truth!

    God bless,


  • Janet Oehl: January 08, 2019

    Hi Gus,

    I did not call in on January 7, 2019, but wanted to contact you regarding the topic “de-stigmatizing” abortion. In addition to PP, you may be aware there is an organization called Advocates For Youth – some call it the youth activism arm of Planned Parenthood. They are also working to de-stigmatize abortion among youth with their If you read their products and articles, it is easy to see that they also want to de-stigmatize teen sex and STDs/HIV. The way they are accomplishing this is through “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) in schools and other youth-serving programs. Since I became aware of CSE, I’m convinced this is what has hastened the changes in our culture, beginning with our children. It is easy to see the link between CSE and abortion. In addition, CSE teaches that teen sex is okay as long as contraception is used and consent is given. Many programs discuss sexual orientation and gender identity, thus the transgender/ gender dysphoria issue. I didn’t answer your question from yesterday’s program…just wanted you to be aware of the scourge on our children.

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