Monday, February 5, 2018

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In the wake of the Philadelphia Eagles' big Super Bowl win, Gus gets fans reaction to the game, which leads to discussions about Super Bowl commercials and some of the players and coaches public displays of faith.

Although the Super Bowl was a great game and no doubt had high ratings, the NFL had a rough season this year from a viewership and PR standpoint. Several players took to standing during the national anthem in an effort to protest various social causes. Gus asks listeners what their thoughts on the NFL and if their interest changed this year.


  • Glenn Gillon: February 05, 2018

    Thank you for your show, though I am not Catholic I do enjoy your show and learn a lot about Christianity in general.
    In regards to your Super Bowl discussions today my comments to follow are just my personal thoughts.
    1st military acknowledgements it is good to see in all sports . My sport of preference is NASCAR and all the staff etc of Nascar track teams etc. has always been very supportive of all our military. Also you never see anyone taking a knee during opening ceremony.
    2nd Commercials was not happy with Dodge use of MLK Jr sermon to sell trucks, I hope Dodge made a big donation to MLK foundation.
    3rd. Remainder of ads many in my thoughts they wete somewhat ambiguous as to what they were selling.
    4th not being a regular football fan I can’t say anything in regards to watching more or less games in the future.
    Finally thankful for the Catholic Channel.
    Simcerly Glenn

  • Florence Santosusso: February 05, 2018

    Hi Gus, Regarding the kneeling in protest of the way American Black citizens get a bad rap a lot. I don’t know whether the first NFL player to do this did it with disrespect as everyone assumes. Perhaps he knelt with sadness and feeling with respect for the flag. Yes, it was a protest, however isn’t possible that he meant it as a reverent form of protest. After all we stand to pray, kneel to pray in church.
    I am a 75 year old white woman, I was never a football fan. In the past two years the Eagles caught my interest. After listening to an interview with Carson Wentz. I felt I wasn’t watching a quarter back who was full of himself. I saw a young man as member of a team that respected his mates.
    They came together as a family. When Wentz was hurt……from Wentz he came St Nick Foles he to had the same demeanor. Granted Foles may have been around a little longer. But he gave me the same feeling that the team was ONE. It took every last member to work together to get the Super bowl trophy. God Bless Everyone of those players who earned the trophy together.

    Enjoy your show most of the time
    You and your family are in my daily prayers as you ask your listeners to do.

    Florence from Philadelphia, Pa.

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