Monday, April 25, 2022

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Since today is the first saint feast day we've celebrated in the liturgy in two weeks, Gus talks a little about St. Mark the Evangelist, including some of the things of which he's the patron saint. He invites listeners to call in and share who the patron saint of their profession is.
Later, Bishop-Elect Earl Fernandes calls in to share his vocation story, his life as a priest and getting the call to be a bishop.
And it's Monday so Gus does a little Tell Me Something Good with listeners.

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  • Lori-Lynne Webb: April 25, 2022

    Gus, I am ever blessed by your ministry in the Catholic Church, and your “coffee talk”. I have been your fan for many years, but today I have a “Tell me something good”… I was blessed to survive a nasty bout with Covid, resulting in permanent lung issues. However, during this time while my hubby was caring for me, he would load Mass from St Patricks, and would watch it with me. My Hubby has supported my faith but never really “was into” it. However, God moves in mysterious ways, as now my Hubby, Mike, is the first to load Mass, and watch with me. Yesterday, he had to go pick up our groceries order, and was listening to Mass via Sirius Radio in the car. When he got home he even asked, me "What was it that Cardinal Dolan said about “only at St Patricks”… my sirius blipped out for a few minues. MY HEART WAS SO FULL OF JOY… I never in my lifetime expected this. We’ve been married nearly 42 years. so yes God grants us these amazing miracles.

    I hope this fills your day with “Good”… yes God is Good, and all praise his Glory. … LL

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