Giving Tuesday, November 27, 2018

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Angel Aloma of Food for the Poor joins Gus for Project Christmas Phase I. Food for the Poor annually kicks Project Christmas off with Seize the Day on Giving Tuesday and it's unique from all the other charities we assist. People can pledge straight cash donations but can also pledge to feed a family for a year, clothe an orphan, build a well, donate piglets, cows and beehives for poor families in 17 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. Today, we raised $14,117.33 in pledges for them. If you weren't able to call in and pledge, but would like to donate anyway, you can do so by clicking here.

And, since today is Giving Tuesday, Gus asks listeners to call and share what their favorite charities are and why they support them. He also talks with listeners who've been helped by a particular charity.


  • Brian: February 11, 2019

    Yesterday, I called Gus and was treated very unchristian like from the moment I had a differing opinion with Mr. Gus. I was going to let it go but I just don’t think I will. First off Gus was extremely condescending and had no interest in hearing what I have to say about MY area of the country on the issue. Instead of going to all these exotic places on Missions lets see if he is a real Christian or just a loud mouth and mouth piece. My comments were on the pro life movement and Gus claims there are just all kinds of resources out there for the mothers and unwanted children. OK come on up to Appalachia and show me where. Show me what Gus and his fans are doing for this area. I had until yesterday the upmost respect for Mr. Gus. Mr. Gus showed everyone who thinks with their heads and not on emotions his true colors. Instead of hearing me out he cut me off (RUDE) and called me silly (insulting) instead of having an adult conversation. MY bad for not recognizing Gus as Jesus Jr who he obviously thinks he is. You have two well three challenges Mr. Gus. One come to Appalachia and prove me wrong. Show me the groups who assist these mothers/babies. Two get this email past your “Disciples” who protect your image and keep everyone thinking your doing so much good. And Third, like all of your generation, insults and hanging up on someone on the phone is easy, grow you a set and come call me names in person, face to face. I stand and be counted for what I believe and let others have their say, even if I disagree. Be Christian enough to do the same.

  • Gus Lloyd: November 27, 2018

    For those concerned about Seize the Day working with Food for the Poor: First, thank you for listening. I am honored by your presence. Since you have voiced concerns, I am going to operate under the assumption that you did not participate today. That’s great. I admire you for your convictions.

    I have been following these cases against FFTP. For many years they maintained a five star rating with Charity Navigator. To date, they still have a four star rating with CN. I am comfortable with the good works done by them. When one of my listeners calls in to “buy” three little pigs, I have been assured that that donation will go to purchasing three little pigs.

    I do not feel in any way that I am leading people astray nor supporting a rogue organization. I evaluate our partners each year. If at any point I am uncomfortable with FFTP, or any other organization, I will discontinue our relationship with them.

    Again, thank you for listening, and for your thoughtful concern.

  • Tim : November 27, 2018


    Your empathy for the poor is admirable. I hope your love for the poor and your listeners allows you to look into this situation deeper with careful thought.

    I understand how one can be confused by thinking the California Attorney General cease and desist order is merely a set of allegations without teeth. However, it is an order, not to be confused with a cease and desist letter. The governing CA statute is unique in that it gives the CA AG the authority to issue the order itself instead of the order coming from a court of law. FFTP may appeal the order if it wishes, which it is currently doing. Moreover, the CA AG is one of many state AGs investigating FFTP for deceptive charitable solicitations. FFTP recently settled with the Michigan AG for $300,000.

    Many dioceses and parishes have warned or halted funding for FFTP, including the Diocese of Sacramento, CA and the Diocese of Rockford, IL.

    I suggest looking at FFTP’s financials very carefully yourself and assess where the majority of cash donations are really going – apart from in-kind donations. I think you will be surprised and appalled.

    Thank you for having this comment section for allowing your listeners to chime in and check and balance what is said on the air.

  • Josie Monclova-: November 27, 2018

    You can add to my original $100 for our 2nd year, 1st Communion students at El Paso’s St. Stephen’s church approximately $250 for white envelopez for my family members. I made the 2nd contribution via email.

    Thanks to you and your inspiration to GIVE.

    Josie Monclova-

  • Francis Avery: November 27, 2018

    Gus, Reference your response to Mary Jo. Interesting response to this individual by calling her opinion appalling. I think she has a right to her opinion and it is good to hear both sides of a story in order to make an objective choice when making any kind of donation. I guess I didn’t take her comment on Planned Parenthood as a comparison to FFTP as to an example of other charities, and she mentioned this one because she has a particular passion for it. Lets not drive people away from your show because they have a difference of opinion. I find your show to be very interesting and informative but that does not mean that I agree with everything that is mentioned on your show but I keep coming back to listen. PS. I can see that the actions taken by the state of Michigan, and the resulting settlement by FFTP, and the state of California may give some people some concern. As you mentioned you are aware of these allegations although when a settlement is made, in my opinion, it is more than just an allegation.

  • Gus Lloyd: November 27, 2018

    Mary Jo,
    Thank you for listening. I’m well aware of the allegations made against FFTP. At present, they are all allegations. For you to equate them with Planned Parenthood is absolutely beyond the pale. I’m appalled by your comment. If you don’t like them, don’t give. And if you don’t like what you hear on Seize the Day, find something else to listen to. I stand behind the good works done by FFTP and the generosity of my listeners.

  • Mary Jo LeGrand: November 27, 2018

    It is suprising that the Catholic Channel would chose Food for the Poor to showcase on Giving Tuesday when there are so many authentically Catholic organizations that operate in subsidiarity and solidarity to build the Kingdom of God. FFTP, at its best, is nothing more than a large distributer of goods that weakens the economy of economically disadvantaged nations. More realistically, it is a clever guise for the shotty philanthropic work of a single family. For this stay at home Catholic mom, you would have just as well chosen Planned Parenthood for Giving Tuesday. Wake up dudes and do a little research. FFTP is no longer able to fundraise in many states and dioceses across the U.S. because of donor fraud. St. Francis, pray for your church to have authentic love of the poor. Talk about God’s fury – when the end comes, I do not want to be on the side of FFTP.

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