Friday, September 10, 2021

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Gus reacts to President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate, which requires all federal workers to be vaccinated or be fired and threatens to fine businesses with over 100 people if their employees aren't vaccinated. He gives his thoughts on the issue and invites listeners to call in and share theirs.

Also, tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and Gus reflects on that day and where he was and talks about how divided we've become as a nation since then. He invites listeners to call in and comment on that or share their memories of that day.

And, as always, Gus engages in some Friday Prayer Time with listeners and, in today's edition of Friday w/the Fathers, Gus begins Tertullian's Treatise on Baptism.

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  • Lynn Gordon: September 11, 2021

    Gus, the vitriol spewed toward the unvaccinated is to continue dividing the Country. As we are being told this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and those who are vaccinated suffer less/ are less susceptible to hospitalization etc.- why do the vaccinated care if others choose not to be? It’s not affecting the vaccinated if someone else chooses not to be. It may harm someone else who chooses not to be, but again, that’s their decision.
    This is about dividing our Country not about vaccinations.
    With a survivability rate of .98, they are requiring a shot that will need annual boosters (like our annual flu shots) and equating it to vaccines for diseases such as polio, small pox, whooping cough etc. These diseases are not the same.
    It’s about dividing our Country.

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