Friday, March 15, 2019

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Gus talks about a practice most people engage in at least once in their lives... making a deal with God. There's an old saying that goes, "Be careful when you make a deal with God because he might just take you up on it." Gus asks listeners to call in and talk about a time in their life when they did just that and how it all worked out for them.

Also, Gus talks to listeners currently going through RCIA and what that's been like for them. Those who get on the air win a copy of A Minute in the Church: The Mass.

And, Gus talks about the Unplanned Town Hall airing next week on the Catholic Channel, entitled "Making the Movie: Unplanned." He gives a little background on Abby Johnson, upon whose life the movie is based, talks about who will be joining them on the Town Hall, including Ashley Bratcher, the actress who portrays her, her husband Doug and co-star Kaiser Johnson.

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  • Michael Shoule: March 20, 2019

    Big fan of the show. Keep up the good work. Our parish and Knights of Columbus Council in Queens, NY is sponsoring a theater sell-out and fundraiser for The Bridge to Life to show Unplanned next Thursday the 28th. If you would like to receive more information please email me and I can forward you details including the flyer for the event. Just trying to do our part to spread the word on this so crucially important movie. God bless. Mike

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