Friday, June 7, 2019

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Gus reads a letter to the editor to online publication The Observer called "The Legging Problem." In the letter, she talks about being at mass with her young sons when three young ladies wearing yoga pants sat right in front of them. For those of you who may not understand, yoga pants are very form-fitting and leave little to the imagination. In the comments section, the woman got plenty of criticism as well as support so Gus poses the question to his listeners. Is it OK for women and men to dress extra casually for mass?

Also, last week, the state of Illinois passed a radical abortion bill that places no limits on the practice. In response to that, Bishop Thomas Paprocki issued a decree that no Catholic politician in his diocese who supported this bill would be allowed to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Gus reads the bishop's statement and gets listener reaction.


  • Lynn DePriest: July 05, 2019

    Let’s flip the problem. Not to sound crude but suppose a man decides to come to church in a pair of male leotards. My guess is that this would prove very distracting to everyone, which is really what we’re talking about here – distraction.

    I understand the position of the mother who wrote about the legging problem. I also understand that leggings can be very flattering to a well figured female. It can make them look very nice but so can a more conservative outfit such as a dress or pantsuit. The difference is that the latter would prove just as flattering without being distracting – especially to naturally curious teenage boys!

    At the end of the day, there are many ways to look very nice, which should be the case when coming to the house of Almighty God – King of kings! One should do so (male and female alike) using a sense of good taste and with respect for the occasion. The focus should never be on us and our appearance. It should only be on Him. With that in mind, we should all do our part to help our brothers and sisters achieve the goal of undistracted worship.

  • A.P.G.: June 10, 2019

    I wholeheartedly agree that the word “casual” has been stretched too far (no pun intended). It would appear that tolerance is superseding respect and church etiquette. When I was on a Pilgrimage in Rome our host reminded us that no shoulders were to be exposed and no shorts or low cut was acceptable – and head covering was preferred.
    Other religious denominations have attire protocols – ours is not unique. We’re Catholics – let’s stand out and stand up for for the right reasons (apg19)

  • Sharon: June 10, 2019

    Leggings s are great in some situations.. i.e. for exercising, hiking, walking, at home alone. I also think they can look great under a tunic or dress, especially in colder weather. But with just a regular shirt or blouse in public? Just, no. Young women wear them in my office and I’m like “yikes!” Absolutely not for Mass.

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