Friday, July 29, 2022

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Gus talks about the Mega Millions jackpot, which has crested over $1 billion. Gus talks about the astronomical odds of winning, which is one in 302,575,350. You have a greater chance of being struck by lightning twice. Gus invites listeners to call in and talk about what they'd do with the money if they won.

Also, since it's the final Friday of the month, Gus prays an Intentional Rosary with listeners. And in today's Friday w/the Fathers, Gus reads and reflects on St. Athanasius' Discourse Against the Arians.

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  • Juan Felipe Enciso: July 31, 2022

    Hello Gus,

    Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to chime in on what I’d do with a lottery windfall.

    One of the things that touches my heart the most when I encounter the homeless, is how uncomfortable they must feel not being able to freshen up or shower, except for maybe a splash on their faces here and there in a public bathroom.

    To address that, and provide that sense of dignity and refreshment that comes from a cool or warm shower, I would establish a non-profit (maybe call it "Clean Bodies, Clean Hearts) that would operate some type of mobile showers that could be placed or parked right where the homeless gather.

    They would have free access to the showers, which would be supplied with toiletries, but also perhaps provide some basic clothing: sweats or jeans, t-shirts, undergarments and socks. We’d also include a prayer card or Rosary and even offer to pray with and for them on the spot.

    Lastly I’ll add that on a few occasions, after Holy Thursday services, I’ve washed the feet of my wife and children and it’s been a source of great emotion and tenderness. So this in a way answers your question about whether or not I would be involved in the day to day of "Clean Bodies, Clean Hearts….ABSOLUTELY!

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