Friday, August 30, 2019

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It's the final day of the Seize the Day broadcast from the second leg of the Camino de Santiago. Gus talks about some of the God moments he experienced while walking with his fellow pilgrims. And, he talks with a few more people from distant lands, including Steve and Karin Lovejoy from Ireland and Ahlong and Ryan from Taiwan.

We hope you enjoyed it! You can relive the entire journey by downloading the SiriusXM app, if you haven't already, and download all the shows between 8/26 and 8/30. Also, tune in Labor Day @ 7:00 am ET and listen to Gus' favorite moments from the Way of St. James.

Buen Camino!


  • Elle from NC: September 03, 2019

    Hi Veronica, you have to go to “On Demand.” I hope that helps!

  • Veronica Stull: August 31, 2019

    Where can I find a recording of today’s show? I tried to find it on the Sirius app. What segment would it be on? The part where you talked about never knowing what shoes other people are walking in and the part where you talked about sins in your backpack, it touched me deep in my soul. I’d like to find a recording of it to share with others. Your words can make a difference in so many peoples lives. Thank you so much.

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