Friday, August 19, 2022

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Gus reads and reflects on an opinion piece written by Fr. Roger Landry that analyzes the Church's Eucharistic Revival. He said the revival depends on what lessons the Church has learned from the mistakes it made in its reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Also, Gus opens the phones up to listeners who want to comment on his discussion with his childhood friend Bob yesterday. Bob and Gus went to Catholic school together but, over the years, Bob gradually fell away and now doesn't really believe in God; at least, not a God who's intimately involved in our daily lives. Gus asks if they have family or friends who no longer practice their faith and their reason why.
And it's Friday so Gus engages in some Prayer Time with listeners and continues reading and reflecting on St. Athanasius' "Discourse Against the Arians."


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