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The word “witness” is a noun and a verb. We are the first, we must do the other. Peter and the Apostles were perfect examples of this, as we see again in the first reading today from Acts 3. Peter says, “…of this we are witnesses.” That can be taken in both contexts.

In the Gospel reading from Luke 24, we see the rest of the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. Jesus appears to them, and they are afraid; they think there are seeing a ghost. Jesus eats (to show them that He is real) and explains how the prophesies in Scripture pointed to Him. He finishes with, “You are witnesses of these things.”

Are you a witness? Have you seen God work marvels in your life? (If not, I suspect you’re not looking very hard.) Do you witness? Do you tell others about God’s love and goodness to you and your family? I hope the answer to those questions is yes. We should always witness to that which we have witnessed.

Father, may we be a witness to your grace every day, as we continue to witness miracles in our lives. Amen.

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