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There’s a phrase that’s used twice in today’s first reading from Haggai 1: Consider your ways! The LORD speaks to the people through the prophet, asking them to think about how much they are putting into their own houses and about how they can rebuild the house of God.

The main character in today’s Gospel reading is Herod the Tetrarch. He was fascinated with Jesus and “greatly perplexed.” People were saying all kinds of interesting things about Jesus. It brought out the question from Herod, “Who then is this about whom I hear such things?”

This is a question that many still ask. In our culture, we sometimes have a mistaken notion that everyone knows who Jesus is. But that would be flawed thinking. Lots of people know about Jesus, but they don’t really KNOW JESUS. And how will they learn about Him unless you tell them? Not just facts and figures, but what He has done for you. Like Herod, they’re curious. Give them a hand.

Father, help us to share the saving message of your love for all through your Son Christ Jesus. Amen.

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