Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Gus began the day talking about what he believes are some the root causes of the spate of domestic violence cases today. The breakdown of the family and the large number of fatherless households are a great start. Gus took opinions from many listeners in a lively discussion.

Former US Senator Rick Santorum joined Gus to talk about his new gig as CEO of Echolight Studios. They’re producing high quality faith-based films and encouraging churches to get involved in showing them, either at the church or at local theaters. Rick also talked about their latest movie, One Generation Away. You can find out more about Echolight’s program by going to You can also see the movie trailer there.

Finally, Gus talked about Pope Francis appointing a commission to look at simplifying the annulment process. He took calls from listeners who have been through the annulment process and asked them their opinion on how things could be better.


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