Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Gus starts off by sounding off on the recent NFL epidemic of spousal/child abuse and lays the problem at the feet of the disintegrating families, particularly the diminished role of the father.

Then, Fr. Robert McTeigue, instructor at Ava Maria University, calls in to talk about the religious sisterhood and why exactly some women choose it. To read his recent article about it, click here.

Afterwards, Gus is joined by former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum who now heads Echolight Studios. They talk about his new documentary about religious freedom called “One Generation Away.” To learn more about Rick’s work at EchoLight, click here.

Gus also talks about the upcoming Synod of the Family in Rome, and perhaps its biggest issue – the streamlining of Catholic marriage annulments. Gus asks listeners to call in who’ve been through the annulment process and what it was like for them.


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