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In the Gospel from Matthew 25, Jesus tells the story of a man going on a trip and giving his servants some talents (money). When the master returns, he wants an accounting of what each one did with his talents.

I think it is interesting that these coins were called talents. Because we have the same responsibility with the talents (gifts) we have been given by God. We can choose to use our gifts in service to the Kingdom, or we can bury them and not use them. So what does this mean? Do we have to call the parish today and sign up for half a dozen ministries? As much as our pastor might like that, the answer is no. Though helping out in parish ministries is certainly a very good thing.

We can use our talents anywhere at any time in service of the Kingdom. We can use them at home, at work, at school, in the grocery store…you name it! God gives us infinite opportunities every day to serve Him. So how are you going to invest your talents today?

Father, we thank you for the many gifts you have given us. May we use our talents today to serve You by serving others. Amen.

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