Unlikely Prophets and Apostles

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In today's first reading from Amos 7, Amos says, "I was no prophet, nor have I belonged to a company of prophets; I was a shepherd and a dresser of sycamores." Imagine that...a shepherd and a tree guy called to be a prophet.

In the Gospel reading from Mark 6, Jesus sends out the Twelve and instructs them on what to do. Remember, these were guys like Amos. Fishermen, a tax collector...average guys who probably never would have considered themselves prophets or Apostles. Yet Christ called them to those missions.

I suspect you consider yourself to be an everyman (or woman) - just a regular Joe or Josephine. I know I do. Yet you and I have been called to be apostles and prophets, as unlikely as that may seem. Don't downplay that or argue with God or try to fight it. Accept it, and live out your call simply and joyfully!

Father, thank you for the call to be an apostle and prophet. May we fulfill our duties with gratitude and joy each day. Amen.

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