Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Gus is back after a long holiday weekend and he starts off talking about how, after Sunday mass, a woman, who appeared disheveled and seemingly out of place, approached his car and asked for money. She told him she and her family were living out of their car and needed gasoline. In the First Reading at mass Sunday, St. Paul says that the members of the Church are called to be holy, so, inspired by that, Gus gave her all the money he had on him – a $10 bill. Gus asks listeners if they’ve been in that situation and how they handled it.

Also, author Isabella Bruno calls in to talk about her children’s book “From Jane with Love,” which deals with talking to your kids about the love of chastity. Later, Mark Brumley, president & CEO of Ignatius Books, calls in to talk about their book of the week, “I Burned for Your Peace” by Peter Kreeft.



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