Touched by an Angel

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Generosity is all about trust – trusting in God to supply all our needs. We see one of the greatest stories ever about generosity in today’s Gospel reading from Mark 12. While rich folk are filling the temple treasury, a widow puts in two small coins. Jesus holds her up as an example.

In today’s first reading from Tobit 12, the Archangel Raphael reveals himself to Tobit and his son, Tobiah. He explains how he had been sent by God to intervene in their lives. It must have been quite a revelation for the two men. Raphael tells them two to praise God, and to tell all about His greatness.

As Catholics, we believe in angels. We all have our own guardian angel. And God, in his wisdom, sends angels to intervene in the affairs of men. Perhaps you have had an angelic encounter in your life. If not, don’t be surprised if some day you do. For nothing is impossible for God.

Father, we thank you for having your angels watching over us. May we always be on the lookout for your heavenly messengers. Amen.

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