The Whisper of God

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Our first reading from 1 Kings 19 is so poignant for us in today’s world. We read the story of Elijah hearing the voice of God…though not in the way that one might think He would come. More on that in a moment. For the Gospel, back in the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus continues to raise the bar on us regarding thinking about sin. Take the time to read and reflect!

There are so many different ways that God speaks to us. He uses the Liturgy, the Scriptures. Sometimes we’ll hear Him speak to us through a song, or maybe through the voice of another person. After all, He’s God! He can use whatever He pleases!

There are also so many things vying for our attention these days. Everyone is screaming and shouting at us; TV, radio (oh, no!), Internet, billboards…you name it, they want you! Elijah experienced something similar. A mighty wind, earthquake, fire; but none of these contained the voice of God. No, he heard it in the silence, in that tiny whispering sound, that “still, small voice.” And chances are, that’s where we’ll hear Him, too – if we’re paying attention.

Father, thank you for speaking to us in whispers. Help us today to block out all the noise, that we may hear Your voice. Amen.

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