The Older Son

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Today's Gospel reading from Luke 15 is probably a familiar story - we call it The Prodigal Son. And rightly so. But it is really a story of two sons and a loving father.

The older son in the story is often forgotten, or vilified for being unloving. He objects when his father throws a huge banquet for his irresponsible brother, yet he never so much as gort a small party, even though he was faithful all his life. I don't know about you, but I can sure relate with the older son. I get him.

Perhaps the older son's gravest error was forgetting that the father loved him just as much as he did the younger son. I'm sure he broke his father's heart saying what he did. Let's give the older son credit for his faithfulness, and be sure we never doubt the Father's love for us.

Father, help us never to doubt your love for us, and rejoice when the lost are found. Amen.

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