The Danger of Jealousy

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Moses was the greatest prophet ever. He was a great leader. Any time people are in high positions, there will be those who are jealous of them. More in a moment. In today’s Gospel reading from Matthew 14, Jesus walks on the water. So does Peter. For a moment.

In today’s first reading from Numbers 12, we see Moses’ brother and sister, Aaron and Miriam, expressing their jealousy of Moses. They complained, “Is it through Moses alone that the LORD speaks? Does he not speak through us also?” If only they know of Moses’ heavy burden, they probably wouldn’t say a peep. But they were jealous. They wanted that notoriety. God was not pleased. See what happens.

Jealousy can be a very destructive thing. Often, when we want what someone else has, it causes jealousy. But look at Aaron and Miriam. Did they really want the responsibility that came along with Moses’ leadership? I doubt it. It’s a great lesson for us. Next time you’re jealous about what someone else has, think about this story, and about the hidden cost of your desire.

Father, keep us from jealousy. Let us be happy with that which you have given us. Amen.

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