On Doubt and Faith

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We have two very interesting readings today. They deal with two opposite ends of a spectrum – doubt and faith. In the first reading from Numbers 13 and 14, God has Moses send twelve men to scout the land God has promised them. Upon seeing some giant adversaries, most of the scouts spread doubt and fear among the people. God is not pleased, and punishes the children of Israel for their doubt.

In the Gospel reading from Matthew 15, we see a story of great faith. A Canaanite woman (not a Jew) came to ask Jesus to cure her daughter, who was tormented by a demon. When Jesus tells her that He came for the children of Israel, she persists in her prayer. She is rewarded for her faith, and her daughter is cured.

Doubt is the opposite of faith. This is why the doubters (unfaithful) were punished and the faithful woman (who had no doubt that Jesus could heal her daughter) was rewarded. Do you want to be rewarded by God? Then remove doubt from your life! Have faith in God; your reward will be eternal.

Father, help us to remove all doubt from our life about your power and love. Give us an ever greater faith, and the joy to share that faith with others. Amen.

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