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Today's first reading is Isaiah 55:10-11. This is a passage that has been on my heart a lot lately as I have been talking about Seeds of Grace. Here's the passage:

Thus says the LORD:
Just as from the heavens
the rain and snow come down
And do not return there
till they have watered the earth,
making it fertile and fruitful,
Giving seed to the one who sows
and bread to the one who eats,
So shall my word be
that goes forth from my mouth;
It shall not return to me void,
but shall do my will,
achieving the end for which I sent it.

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus says that the seed is the word. You see, God's word goes out into the world for a purpose. And we have the ability to plant seeds of grace into the lives of others when we share God's word. That doesn't necessarily mean quoting Scripture to people. The seeds of grace are sown in the Sacraments, through acts of kindness, words of love - so many ways! Ask God today to show you opportunities to sow seeds of grace into the lives of others today. Those seeds will never return to God void, but will achieve the end for which He sends them.

Father, lead us to people who need a seed of grace planted in their life today, and give us the grace and strength to sow it. Amen.

Today's Readings

Could handing someone a book about the faith be a seed of grace? I think so! Ask your pastor to give away copies of A Minute in the Church this Easter. Order today at


  • Sue Pallin: February 28, 2023

    My church choir sings a beautiful song based on this scripture. It is called “This is My Word”.

    A few of the lyrics I can remember are “And the word of my mouth, it shall not return empty. It will bless the Earth wherever it is heard. This is my word.”

    It is such a beautiful song, and I hope you will look it up!

  • Carol: February 28, 2023

    Gus, thank you for your ministry. You plant many “seeds of grace”. Have a blessed day.

  • Scott : February 28, 2023

    When I reflect on the parable of the sower, I also think of what kind of soil I am. When those seeds of grace fall to me, am I the rocky soil that does not allow the seeds to flourish or am I the fertile soil which helps the seeds grow?

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