Saints Philip and James, Apostles

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Today is the Feast of Saints Philip and James. They share a feast day because they shared the patronage of an ancient Roman basilica, known today as the  Church of the Twelve Apostles.

After Jesus called Philip (John 1:43), Philip went and found his friend Nathanael and invited him to follow Jesus as well. We would do well to imitate Philip's spirit of invitation, and invite others to follow Jesus as well. Today's Gospel reading from John 14 is the story of Philip saying to Jesus, "Master, show us the Father, and that will be enough for us." Jesus' response may have stung a bit.

The St. James we celebrate today is known as James the Lesser. He's called this to delineate him from the other James, the brother of John. The Lesser is a title given him not because he was less than the other James, but because he is listed second of the James' in the listing of the Apostles. His mother was a sister or close relative of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and therefore James is often referred to as "the brother of the Lord." He was the first bishop of Jerusalem and played a very important role at the Council of Jerusalem and in the early Church.

Father, may we always imitate the faith and evangelical zeal of Saints Philip and James, leading others to Christ Jesus the Lord. Amen.

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