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In our Gospel reading today from Mark 7, a woman comes to Jesus asking Him to heal her daughter. The woman is a Greek, not a child of Israel. At first Jesus refuses, but the woman persists. Jesus grants her request because of her faith and persistence.

In the first reading today from 1 Kings 11, we see how Solomon had been worshiping false gods. The Scripture says “his wives had turned his heart to strange gods.” Sure…blame it on the women, eh? (Reminds me of Adam.) Naturally, God did not take kindly to this. The punishment was that the throne of David would be taken away from the family line.

Solomon was the wisest man ever. You would think with all that wisdom he wouldn’t fall into the trap of worshiping false gods. Not so. This is a great reminder for us that we can never be too careful. No matter how wise or smart or strong we think we are, we are always susceptible to falling away from God. No one is exempt. The lure of false gods (money, sex, power, envy, etc.) is very strong. We must always be diligent and turn our hearts to God alone.

Father, help us to be vigilant and not fall into the trap that Solomon fell into of worshiping false gods. We give our hearts wholly and completely to you. Amen.

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