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In today's Gospel reading from Mark 7, Jesus declares all foods clean, negating the many dietary laws of the Jews. He says it is not what goes into one's mouth that makes one unclean, but what comes out of the mouth. Yikes!

In the first reading from 1 Kings 10, Solomon gets a visit from the Queen of Sheba. She came to see if the many stories of his wisdom were true. She found out they were more than true. In fact, "When the queen of Sheba witnessed Solomon's great wisdom...she was breathless."

Have you ever been breathless? Have you ever seen or experienced something so awe-inspiring and wondrous that it took your breath away? Has that something ever been God? I know this might seem a stretch for some, but I submit that every time we go receive Holy Communion - Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity - we should be left breathless.

Father, we are so awed by the privilege of receiving your Son in the Eucharist, we are breathless. Amen.

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