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Jeremiah was suffering the fate of a prophet; the people had turned against him. But he knew that divine recompense would come from God.

In today's Gospel reading from John 10, the Jews were about to stone Jesus. When He asks them why, they say, "You, a man, are making yourself God." Now of course Jesus didn't "make" himself God. He was simply revealing Himself as part of the Trinity.

This idea of making oneself God may be an all too common malady, though. I think very few people actually think that they are God, but what about those times when we usurp God's authority? Like when we disobey God's commands, take innocent life or otherwise reject the one true God? Are not those instances of us making ourselves God? We become the supreme authority. No one - not even God - can tell us what to do. Are those not times we make ourselves God?

Father, forgive us when we reject you and make ourselves God. Help us to always be faithful to your way and your will. Amen.

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