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Happy 4th of July! A little change of pace today. The Church gives parishes the option of doing any number of readings for Independence Day, if they choose to celebrate that. So, rather than comment on the Scriptures today, I thought I would share a quick thought about America.

There is a very popular movement in this country called “patrianity.” It is a mix of patriotism and Christianity. The proponents of this movement think something like this: God has anointed the U.S. as the greatest country on the planet and if you don’t love this country and everything about it, then you’re not a patriot, and therefore, not a good Christian. This sentiment tends to be very strong in evangelical circles.

I love this country. And I love my Church. But I do not consider myself an American Catholic. I am a Catholic who lives in America. Do you see the difference? We must always put our faith and trust in God above everything else, including country. “Sacrilege!” some will say. We cannot equate love of country, as great as it is, with love of God. Last time I checked, America has some flaws. On the other hand, God doesn’t. Nuf said.

Father, thank you for showering us with your blessings, no matter where we live. May we always be loyal to you above all else. Amen.

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