Lies and Deception

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Today’s first reading from Genesis 27 is one that is tough to read and perhaps even tougher to understand. Isaac is an old man and wants to anoint his heir with a blessing. His oldest son, Esau, is the one who is to receive the blessing. But that’s not how things went down.

Rebekah, Esau and Jacob’s mother, hatched a plot to have Jacob receive the blessing. Jacob reluctantly went along and eventually usurped his brother and received the blessing through lies and deception. It makes one wonder why God would allow this.

We always have to remember about free will. Sinful people will do bad things. That’s what happened in this instance. Jacob lied and deceived, but he received the blessing. And despite his deception, God used him to further His plan of salvation. Just like He can for sinful and deceptive people like me.

Father, forgive us for our lies and deception. Use us despite our sinfulness to further Your plan of salvation for all. Amen.

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