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Have you ever thought about your legacy – what you will leave behind when your days on earth are over? More on that in a moment. In today’s Gospel reading, we see an interesting story about Jesus cursing a fig tree. It dies, and Jesus gives His disciples a lesson on faith.

In today’s first reading from Sirach 44, the sacred author talks about legacy. Now, that word isn’t used, but that’s the concept. The reading begins with, “Now will I praise those godly men, our ancestors, each in his own time.” He then talks about the legacy left by the godly.

It can be very easy for us to forget that our actions today will have far-reaching consequences. When we are not virtuous, when we live in sin, the consequences can reverberate for generations. We often see this in terms of abuse and addictions. Conversely, when we live lives of virtue, the generational consequences can be great. Think of it like this: when we lead a godly life, the chances are exponentially greater that our families will, too.

Father, give us the grace of virtue, that we may pass that along to future generations. Amen.

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