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Today's Gospel reading is the call of Matthew from Matthew 9. Jesus simply says to him, "Follow me." And Matthew leaves his post and follows Jesus. Just like that.

In the first reading from Amos 8, the LORD gives a warning that the day will come when people will "wander from sea to sea and rove from the north to the east in search of the word of the LORD, but they shall not find it."

With the coming of Christ, those days ended for all people. But could these words be true for some today? Maybe lots of folks? I believe that many people are still searching for the word of the Lord, but not finding it. Oh, there are plenty out there who profess to have the truth. But the real truth, the true word of the Lord, can be found in the authentic teachings of Jesus, as elucidated by the Church He founded. Let the searching know that today!

Father, may we help those searching for the authentic word of the Lord today as we accompany them on their journey and share truth with them. Amen.

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  • Carl: July 04, 2022

    Just want to say “Thanks, Gus” for being one of those whose word I can trust.

    I am not a theologian, but need not be one to figure out that when one bishop says a thing is black and another bishop says the same thing is white, they both cannot be correct.

    Please keep professing the Truth! 🙏

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