Ignorance and Conversion

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You’ve heard the old expression “Ignorance is bliss.” I suppose that’s true in a sense. In the first reading today from Acts 3, St. Peter refers to the people’s ignorance. More on that in a moment. In the Gospel reading from Luke 24, we read about what happened right after the experience of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. Jesus makes another appearance.

Peter told the Jews that, in killing Jesus, they “acted out of ignorance.” In other words, they had not seen and/or believed and/or accepted that Jesus is the Christ. They now had to come face to face with the truth. Peter tells them to “repent, therefore, and be converted.” Now that they had been presented with the truth, it was time for a change.

I hear so often from people about how ignorant they were of the truths of the faith. Ignorant in this case is not meant to be a derogatory term. It is simply fact. When we learn the truth and are no longer ignorant, we must then make a choice. Do we accept and follow the truth, or do we go on in our old ways. Hopefully, when ignorance is no longer a factor, conversion will be the next step.

Father, give us a greater desire to learn and know the truth, that our hearts may be ever more converted. Amen.

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