I Come to do Your Will

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“I come to do your will.” This is a line that we hear over and over again in the liturgy today. It appears twice in the first reading from Hebrews 10, and it is part of the response in today’s Responsorial Psalm from Psalm 40.

This theme continues in the Gospel reading from Mark 3. Jesus says, “For whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.” We’re reminded that Jesus came only to do God’s will, and that we must follow that example.

Doing the will of God can sometimes seem to be a moving target. Doesn’t it sometimes seem that we’re not quite certain whether what we’re doing is God’s will? I think that’s perfectly normal. That’s why Christ gave us the Church. The Church is here to teach us and guide us, to show us the way. To help us form good consciences. Will we always get it right? Nope. But I believe there’s merit in the trying, and that getting up after falling down – repenting and getting back on the right track – is doing God’s will.

Father, help us to see more clearly your will. May we always strive to do your will, through Jesus Christ our brother. Amen.

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