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In the first reading today from Exodus 3, we read more of the interaction between God and Moses when God reveals Himself in the burning bush. Our Gospel reading is a familiar one from Matthew 11. Take it to heart and you will find rest in Jesus.

When God told Moses to go and speak to the children of Israel, Moses figured that the people would want to know what name God went by. So Moses asks the question. God replied, “I am who am.” Then he added, “This is what you shall tell the children of Israel: I AM sent me to you.” And so it was.

Think about that name for a moment. Notice God didn’t call Himself I WAS. Or I WILL BE. Or I HAVE BEEN. Or I DO. Or anything else. I AM. Present tense. It encompasses everything. I AM. I am here in this moment. It would do us well to meditate on this name of God. Stop searching for Him in the past. Don’t worry about where He’ll be in the future. Experience Him in the here and now. I AM.

Father, help us to know you in the here and now. To experience you as I AM. Amen.

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