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Water is very important. It is the stuff of life. Water also is important in healing. And water "runs through" the readings today.

In the first reading from Ezekiel 47, we see water flowing from the temple. As it gets further from the temple, the trickle becomes a great river that gives life. In the Gospel reading from John 5, a man goes to the Bethesda pool seeking healing. He receives his healing, but not from the water. Jesus heals him. This is key.

As Catholics, we believe in regenerative baptism. The waters of baptism give us new life, healing us from sin and bringing us into the new covenant. But just as in the Gospel reading, it is not the water in and of itself that brings the healing. It is Jesus. He consecrated the water and He brings healing through the water.

Father, we thank you for the healing properties of water, which have their source in Christ Jesus. Heal us today. Amen.

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