Happy Grandparents’ Day!

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Happy Grandparents’ Day! Now I know that Hallmark doesn’t declare this today, but today the Church celebrates the Feast of Saints Joachim and Anne. Tradition tells us that these were the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary; they were Jesus’ grandparents! (For the record, Joachim and Anne are not mentioned in the Scriptures.)

As a grandfather of two (Beckett and Wyatt), I can’t resist doing a brief reflection on these wonderful people today.

Most people would admit that family is one of the most important things in life. These days, families may not necessarily be close to each other geographically. In Jesus’ day, families tended to stay together, usually living in the same communities, if not the same house. Were Joachim and Anne close to Jesus? Again, we don’t have any written evidence. But let me say this – and I speak with great conviction: if they were alive, they spoiled and loved that little boy like nobody’s business. Here’s to grandparents!

Father, we thank you for the gift of grandparents and grandparenting. May they help spread your love in our families from generation to generation. Amen.

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