God's Perfect Timing

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Today's Gospel reading from John 5 can be seen as an example of God's perfect timing.

A man was waiting at the pool of Bethesda to get in when the waters were stirred up, believing that he would be healed. But he was always beaten into the pool by others. He had been ill for thirty-eight years. Jesus comes by and asks him, "Do you want to be well?" He then heals the man.

This man had been trying to get into the pool for who knows how long. But in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't his time. God had a plan. And his encounter with Jesus was the perfect time. If you've been waiting on the Lord for what seems an eternity, hang in there. It may not be your time yet. But your time will come, in God's perfect timing.

Father, give us the patience to wait on you and your perfect timing in our lives. Amen.

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