David's Example of Mercy

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King Saul and David had a real on again/off again relationship. In today's reading from 1 Samuel 24, we see it being off again.

Saul is hunting David down. Saul goes into a cave to relieve himself while David sneaks in behind him. Saul was toast. Or was he? Instead of killing him (which he had every right to do), David has mercy on Saul. He confronts Saul and tells him, "The LORD will be the judge; he will decide between me and you." Saul acknowledges that David would soon be king.

David's mercy should be a lesson to us. How quick are we to cut people down and take them out at every opportunity? Perhaps you have an adversary in your life - someone who is none too nice to you. Is it necessary to "kill" them? Or can we actually let God be the final arbiter?

Father, we're so quick to want to harm those who we view as enemies. Teach us mercy, and to leave judgment in your hands. Amen.

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