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It’s great to do nice things for people who will reciprocate. But Jesus gives us a different vision in the Gospel reading from Luke 14. In the first reading today, there is a passage from Romans 11 that has always had a great deal of meaning to me. St. Paul writes, “For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.”

I love that word “irrevocable.” Unable to be revoked. No give-backs. No mulligans. The gifts that God has given you and the call that He has put upon your life, He will never take back. It’s like this – God has called you, and He will never un-call you. So there it is. What are you gonna do about it?

Our call is always there, always valid. That doesn’t mean that we have to answer it. I have caller ID at my home. If someone calls that I don’t want to talk with, I don’t answer the call. We have the same kind of relationship with God. And He with us. He is constantly calling. Are you going to send Him to your voice mail today?

Father, thank you for calling us to yourself always. Give us the grace to respond to your call today. Amen.

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