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Today's first reading from Genesis 37 is the story of Joseph, whom his brothers sold into slavery. Before making that decision, though, they said, "Let us kill him." That is a line repeated in the Gospel reading from Matthew 21.

Jesus tells a parable about a landowner with a vineyard that was tended by wicked tenants. When the landowner sends his son to get the produce, the tenants say, "Let us kill him." They wished only to look after their own selfish pursuits and keep the produce for themselves.

While the story was about the Pharisees, could it also pertain to us? You see, we are but tenants in this world, stewards whom God has charged with taking care of his kingdom. Are we being good tenants, willing to give the rightful landowner all that belongs to him? Or are we simply pursuing our own selfish goals, using all we are stewarding for ourselves? Only you can answer that question for yourself.

Father, may we be good tenants in this world you have given us, always willing to return everything to you, for it is all yours to begin with. Amen.

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