A Match Made in Heaven

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For our first reading today, we are in the book of Hosea. If you’re not familiar with Hosea’s story, take a few moments to read the book. This was one hard-luck prophet. But a very compelling story. In today’s reading from chapter 2, we see the Lord using the language of marriage. More on that in a moment. In the Gospel from Matthew 9, we see the two-tiered story of Jesus healing an official’s daughter. While He is on the way to the man’s house, He heals a woman who had been suffering from hemorrhages for twelve years.

Today in Hosea, the Lord, speaking about his people says, “I will espouse you to me forever,” and, “She shall call me ‘My husband.'” Beautiful language. For some. Why do I say that? Well, if you hadn’t noticed, the divorce rate nowadays is around 50%. Nearly half of all marriages go south. So LOTS of people have a less-than-optimal view of marriage. When they think of a spouse, they may conjure up images of a lying, cheating, good-for-nothing so-and-so.

Fortunately, that is not the kind of spouse that God is. If you have ever heard stories of people that have been married for decades and been passionately in love with each other since the day they met, that is just one gazillionth of how God feels about us. When it comes to God and us, Christ and the Church, that is truly a match made in heaven!

Father, we thank you for espousing us, for making us your own forever. May the honeymoon never end! Amen.

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