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In the first reading today from Hebrews 9, we read more about Christ’s once for all sacrifice, and about the judgement at Jesus’ second coming. In the Gospel reading from Mark 3, Jesus is accused of casting out demons by the power of Beelzebul, the prince of demons.

Jesus’ response talks about how a house divided cannot stand. “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” Odd, isn’t it? Even devils must stick together. It just goes to show the importance of unity. This is true in all things, isn’t it? Companies, organizations, families, churches. When people stick together, there is greater strength, greater cohesion. But when they don’t…well, that’s another story.

Gossip, backbiting, rumor-mongering, dissension, discord. These are the things that divide a house. And unfortunately, we see these things even in the Church today. I suppose that there has always been such things in some measure. This is why we must always be wary. At the first sign of these things, we have to check ourselves and nip these things in the bud. As Christ prayed for unity, so must we. I see an awful lot of things causing division in the Church today. We must continually pray for unity, because a kingdom divided is sure to fall.

Father, help all believers to be united. Help us to always remember that Christ, who died once for all, is the savior of all. Amen.

 Today’s Readings

Today is the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. Unfortunately, abortion is a source of division between Christians, and even Catholic Christians. I pray that "pro-choice Catholics" will repent and open their eyes to the evil they support.

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  • Carl: January 23, 2023

    Last night was a reminder of how well we can come together in the midst of a tragedy. We attended an interfaith prayer service, hosted by our parish, for the senseless killing of a 14 year-old girl. The whole community came together to celebrate her life and who she was. Every available space was used to accommodate the overflowing crowd and many stood outside in spite of the weather.

    I hope and pray that we can hold onto that and not let things lapse back into the old routine too quickly. I also pray for a unified Church because, without that, there is little chance for a unified world.

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