Wendesday, September 2, 2020

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One of Gus' pet peeves is news spin, especially when it's anti-Catholic. He talks about an article recently published in The Christian Post with the deceptive headline, "Televangelists Receive Millions in PPP Loans, Catholic Church Got $1.4 Billion." Gus says that headlines and articles like this are disingenuous, are meant to cause ill will and resentment, as if the Catholic Church entities who applied for the Paycheck Protection Program, which was their right, did something deceptive and underhanded. Not only that but the comparison to the Catholic Church to individual televangelists. Gus sets the record straight by breaking down what the PPP is, who's eligible and that Catholic entities, which includes parishes, Catholic schools and universities and charitable organizations, who qualified applied independent of one another.

Gus is joined by Dr. Pat Castle, founder of LIFE Runners, a pro-life running organization that spreads the pro-life message at running events in an effort to end abortion. Afterwards, he talks about how so many people have struggled with weight during the COVID lockdown. In some fitness circles, it's been referred to as "the COVID 19," as in 19 additional pounds. He invites listeners to call in and talk about how they're doing fitness-wise.

Gus also updates that, this month, all dioceses in the state of Wisconsin will end the dispensation for Sunday mass that began back in March although not everyone will be required to go.


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