Wednesday, May 3, 2023

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Gus talks about St. James the Lesser, who's feast is celebrated today, along with St. Phillip. Both were apostles of Jesus during his earthly ministry. In the TV series The Chosen, St. James is portrayed as being disabled by actor Jordan Walker Ross. He walks with a pronounced limp. In the episode where Jesus sends the 12 out to evangelize and drive out demons in his name, he's featured prominently because he's disabled and Jesus hasn't healed him, although he's healed hundreds of people. He comes to Jesus to ask him why and he explains that it's because he has greater things planned for him. Gus asks listeners if they've endured, or are enduring, suffering and if they ever got an answer as to why.

Also, Gus is joined by Peter Breen from the Thomas More Society, which is a religious liberty legal firm. He tells Gus about how they choose their cases and provides an update on the David Daleiden case. Daleiden is an undercover journalist who, seven years ago, shared undercover video of Planned Parenthood executives bartering for the fetal organs and tissue, which is illegal. If Daleiden is convicted, it would mean the end of investigative journalism as we know it. He also talks about a case involving the Escondido Union School District, which is forcing teachers to lie to parents regarding any issue involving a child and any sort of transgender issue. Also, they discuss a bill in the state of Illinois that seeks to regulate pro-life speech as deceptive business practices.

And Gus talks about a story involving the United Methodist Church, which has lost over 1,800 churches over its stance on LGBTQ+ issues. Those churches are now part of the Global Methodist Church, which maintains a more traditional and Biblical stance regarding homosexuality and gender dysphoria.


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